Cannabis Facilities – 3 Common Mistakes

Planning, designing, and building for cultivation is no easy task. Here are some of the most common errors we found hamper your ability to get operational quickly and grow effectively.

#1 Skipping a Review of Your Site Plan or Existing Building.

Make sure professionals specific to agriculture review your site plan or building before purchase or lease. Understanding the parameters needed for an efficiently designed facility is essential to site selection.

#2 Maximizing Canopy at the Expense of Operational Function

Everyone wants to maximize canopy space, but often there is a lack of consideration for accurate space allocations to access and maintain your equipment, or for your operational workflow. As a result of these design flaws, you will be building in ongoing disruptions to your production cycle.

#3 Waiting Too Long for Procuring Your Equipment.

This may be the most common mistake of all. Early procurement is a must… don’t wait until dimensions and construction drawings are completed to finalize your equipment purchases. Equipment that arrives late will create expensive stoppages.