Integrated Services

Your single source for


DAG leads your facility project as your single source through the planning, design, procurement, construction, and commissioning phases. Our approach focuses on building value throughout the entire process, ensuring your facility is a thriving success in the long term while saving you time and money in the short term. 



It’s the first step to help our clients get a clear picture of their project.

Your facility exists so you have the right conditions and equipment to produce your product. DAG’s integrated delivery system and high level of service helps you minimize delays, eliminate design & construction flaws, and maximize your operation for efficiency and future expansion.

Due Diligence to ensure your facility location can support your operation

  • Utilities (water, sewer, and irrigation)
  • Stormwater Management/ Floodplains
  • Grading/Minimum building finished floors
  • Vehicular Access Points, Vehicular Circulation
  • Buffers & Setbacks
  • Zoning and Land Use regulations
  • Applicable special planning district or zoning code requirements

An inexpensive schematic set of drawings that give you a thorough understanding of your operation, budget, and yield.

Conceptual Design Plans

  • Site Plans
  • Space Plans
  • Equipment Layouts
  • Master Plans

Yield Projections
Preliminary Detailed Budget

  • Design and Engineering Costs (soft costs)
  • Construction Cost (hard costs)
  • Good, Better, Best Systems and Equipment




Where the magic happens

DAG leads the integration of the systems and coordinates all teams throughout this phase. Experienced and knowledgeable in design, facility equipment, and construction, we drive the project to final permitted construction documents that contain the essential details to build 
your facility.



At your site, on the job.

DAG leads the management, coordination, organization, and execution of your grow facility. We supervise the construction through certificate of occupancy and commissioning of systems and equipment, ensuring you are ready to grow.

  • Coordinate project kick-off meeting with client, tenant, owner’s representative, design team, and key vendors
  • Confirm and finalize team members and responsibilities
  • Identify procedures, submittal process, and areas of responsibility
  • Establish weekly meeting schedule and format
  • Establish project submittal, RFI, and change tracking systems
  • Prepare project team directory
  • Establish sign off procedure
  • Establish accounting procedures and payment schedule
  • Obtain any pending required approvals from landowner and regulatory agencies

  • Procure and track engineered details, manufacturing, shipping and delivery of all specialized materials and equipment
  • Engage and contract with all associated trade contractors and material suppliers
  • Log, track, and manage the procurement of all required material and equipment to ensure uninterrupted construction schedule
  • Plan and manage the shipping, delivery, unloading, placement, and storage of material and equipment to the project site

  • Conduct weekly construction Owner-Architect-Contractor (OAC) coordination and progress meetings
  • Oversee and monitor design installation for operational efficiency
    Review, monitor, and modify master construction schedule to ensure overall compliance
  • Monitor and document RFI timing and responses
  • Monitor and document submittal timing and response
  • Monitor and document change order requests
  • Monitor timing and coordination of any client vendors as it relates to master schedule
  • Coordinate occupancy and commissioning of systems and equipment
  • Supervise construction through an on-site Superintendent

  • Procure certificate of occupancy from the authority having jurisdiction
  • Provide closeout manuals
  • Provide guarantees and warranties
  • Provide operations and maintenance manuals
  • Provide material safety sheets as required
  • Provide copies of permits and inspection logs
  • Provide “record set” construction documents
  • Provide final release of lien